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Have you recently been pulled over after a late night with friends? Count on Don Cary Collins, Attorney at Law, to defend your best interests. As a trusted DUI attorney in Belleville, IL, Don has been helping people in Illinois and Missouri fight DUI charges for over 40 years. DUI is a serious charge that comes with severe and costly consequences. Even first-time convictions result in thousands of dollars in fines and possibly even jail time. With so much at stake, it is crucial that you seek counsel from a skilled DUI lawyer who will secure the most favorable outcome possible for your DUI case.

Call Don for help as soon as possible after your arrest. Whether you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony DUI, he provides the same personalized attention and skillful representation. Remember, the prosecutor’s office is looking for a win, and to them, you are just another case number. As Don’s client, you receive the most effective defense that protects your rights and scrutinizes the unique aspects of your personal case.

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Don is the lawyer to call in the Metro-East area when you need help fighting a DUI charge. His legal services do everything possible to protect you against the fines, loss of driving privileges, possible jail time, and potential job loss that follow a DUI conviction. To defend your reputation and finances, call right away to discuss your case.

Don will meet with you in person to discuss all the details of your case. In a situation like this, there are no small details; anything you can tell him will help your case.

Furthermore, he will fight for your right to continue to drive while looking for weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case to have the charges reduced or, if possible, dropped.

Besides DUI, Don assists with a wide range of legal issues including family law, criminal defense, auto accidents, and even personal injury law. If you've been hurt by someone else, have been in an accident, or are facing criminal charges, he will guide you through the legal process. Get the representation you deserve: reach out to Don to review your case and discuss your options.

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